Keyrite Pro

Keyrite Pro is a one of a kind program that can change the key of Karaoke CD+G or Audio CD song tracks on the hard drive of a computer and retain the synchronization of the lyrics. This means you can change the key of your chosen songs to fit your voice. No longer will you need to rely on the karaoke host to set the proper key for you.

To create a CD+G disc of the key changed song requires Microstudio, or it can be imported directly into Video Hoster to use in your shows.

Keyrite Pro

  • All digital processing insures no "chipmunk" or time speed up or down, as if the master studio recorded in your key.
  • Pitch shift in ± 5 semitone half-note increments that keep the tempo just like your original music. Note: Vocals start sounding like the opposite gender at ± 2 semi-tones.
  • Open audio MP3, WMA or WAV files to key change imported cd tracks and write them as files on the hard drive.
  • Open karaoke CDG, KMA, BIN, MP3+G(.cdg), or ZIP files, keeping the lyrics in sync, and writing the same format back to the hard drive.
  • Professional Manual is a single HTML document view by clicking the menu bar Manual command. All images are mapped to jump to details for any clicked control.

  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or 7
  • 700MHz processor or faster
  • RAM (256MB+)
  • Either an Internet connection, a floppy drive, or a memory stick (flash drive) is required to install but not to run Keyrite
  • Audio card so you can listen to make sure you have the right key change
  • To import and write your processed CDG or WAVE songs to a CDR blank disc, you will need Microstudio or an equivalent program
  • MTU or equivalent CDG certified CDR/DVDR burner

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