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Protect your investment by making backup copies of your CDG discs before they become damaged. Many karaoke CDG discs are no longer available and difficult or impossible to replace.

Microstudio Karaoke CDG Burner, Player, Recorder, with Key Control and Vocal Remover

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General Features
Record Your Singing
Version 4 gives you microphone controls to just record the microphone sound. But that's not all! Whenever a song plays and you sing with the Mic it automatically records to insure you never miss a good take. You simply click the Save As button after play stops to name and save that song to any folder. The next song or recording overwrites a prior unsaved song so unwanted songs don't fill up your hard drive.

Volume Controls
You now can directly adjust the volume levels of the music, the microphone input and the mix of the two being recorded.

Live Key Change
Finding a song in exactly your key is not always possible. Now you can click the key change buttons while playing to shift the music to your range so you don't strain your voice. You can go up or down 5 half-notes. The tempo doesn't change so the music playing time remains the same.

Vogone Lite Vocal Reducer/Remover(a $29.95 value)
Microstudio 4.000 has Vogone Lite built in, with 3 presets you can select. This allows removing or reducing the vocals in audio files. Users report that with some songs, due to the high quality filtering and bass and treble boosts the music can sound better than the original.

New Play Controls
Clicking the Restart icon plays the current song from the start, and double clicking now plays the PRIOR song. The Play Next icon stops the current song and starts the next song.

My Songs and Play List
These windows make it very easy to locate your imported songs and play them or add to custom list projects to write to discs. Version 4.000 allows drag and drop from My Songs to the Play List. Full Hot Key support allows you to control by the keyboard and/or with the mouse depending on your preference.

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