MP3+G Download Guide FAQ

  • What happens after I pay for the MP3+G Download Guide?
  • After making the purchase you will immediately receive an email which contains a download link to the program and all the information you need. If you do not receive the email within a few minutes please check your email spam folder.
  • Is this a subscription service that I must renew?
  • Not at all. The one time fee gives you lifetime access.
  • Will I ever have to pay for songs?
  • No. You will never be required to pay to download any songs
  • Is there a list of songs to browse through?
  • This is not a service that has a library of songs to display. You would be joining a large community of people who share their karaoke song collections. The members collectively possess virtually every karaoke song in existence. You will have access to search and download from these collections 24/7. New songs are typically available within a couple of weeks of their release.
  • Is this a bulk download of songs?
  • No. With bulk downloads you receive a lot of duplicate songs and a lot of songs you will never have a use for. With the guide you will be able to search for songs by title and/or artist and download only the songs you want.
  • How high of quality are the songs?
  • The songs are of the same quality as those that professional karaoke hosts use.
  • Can I download more than one song at a time?
  • Yes. For example, if you search for an artist you will bring up a list of karaoke songs in the style of that artist. You may select multiple songs to be added to the download queue.
  • Will I download the songs to my computer?
  • Yes. The song files will be downloaded to your computer. You may copy the songs to another computer or an external hard drive. No internet connection is required to play the songs.
  • What can be used to play MP3+G files?
  • MP3+G is the most popular karaoke song file format. Virtually all karaoke software players will play MP3+G files and in most cases without the need to unzip them. The Karaoke Builder Player is completely free.
  • Can I create karaoke CD+G discs from the MP3+G files?
  • Yes, with the proper software. We recommend Power CD+G Burner 2 as it makes creating a CD+G disc as easy as adding zipped MP3+G files to a list and then burning them to a standard CD-R. The created CD+G disc will play in any karaoke disc player.
  • Can I use this on my Mac computer?
  • The program runs on Windows operating systems only. To run it on a Mac computer you would need to use Boot Camp to install Windows on your Mac.

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