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There is a lot more to karaoke hosting software than simply allowing you to run shows without discs. Any karaoke file playing software will do that. Hosting software has features that enhance your shows and make you look more professional. Song search allows you to very quickly look up songs by artist name, song title, or song ID. The found song(s) can easily be added to a singer's list of requested songs with a couple of mouse clicks.

Singer and venue history allows you to quickly tell a singer what they sang at any of your previous shows. When one of your regulars come in you can instantly add them to the rotation, with all their formerly requested songs (and even the key control setting they used), before they even ask you to. Try that with your disc player.

The singer rotation feature lets you do away with the hassle of shuffling song request forms or information on signup sheets. Easily manipulate the singer lineup with a few mouse clicks. Other features include remote monitor support, filler music (automatically plays reduced volume random songs between karaoke songs), next singer ticker display, selectable backgrounds, instant sound effects, and more.

While they all have some basic features in common, not all hosting applications are exactly the same. Features vary among them. Video Hoster for example is the only program that has karaoke disc ripping and song book creation as integral components. PCDJ Karaoki is the only one with integrated access to the Karaoke Cloud Pro subscription service. JustKaraoke requires so little in system resources that it will run perfectly on older computers.

PCDJ Karaoki
PCDJ Karaoki PCDJ Karaoki is a karaoke hosting program designed for professional karaoke hosts and the only hosting software with integrated access to the Karaoke Cloud Pro subscription service.

Siglos Karaoke Professional
Siglos Karaoke Professional Hosting Software Siglos Karaoke Professional is a full featured karaoke hosting application. Includes features like the ability to play CD+G discs and "silence detection" that allows you to bypass silence at the beginning of most karaoke song tracks.

Searches for and plays YouTube karaoke videos.

Video Hoster with Song Book Creator
Video Hoster with Song Book Creator Video Hoster + Song Book Creator is the only fully integrated hosting program. Rip songs from karaoke discs, create and print professional song books, and host shows with features unsurpassed by any other software.
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